AI Intros App

AI Intro App is aimed at fostering new friends and connections.
We know it can be challenging to meet new people, we hope to reduce that barrier.
Using the power of AI (more on that below) we help your event attendees find others with similar and complementary interests and skills.
All they do is fill out a simple form and we find other attendees they should meet and send the intros in an email.
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How It Works

The basic idea is to have event attendees fill out a three question survey and then use that information to match them using AI to three other people that they should meet. Participants may also provide a 'code name' for privacy and to create a sense of fun and adventure.

The questions are free form text and are event specific variations on:

  1. What brings you to this event? Let's call this question 'like'.
  2. What are you looking for? Lets call this one 'ask' and
  3. What can you contribute? Lets call this one 'offer'.

The idea being that if two people claim to like similar things (hiking, technology, the outdoors, etc) they should be a strong match and if one person is asking for something the other is offering (ie. a job in marketing) then they too should be a strong match.